Nuova Zenith is an Italian company which has been working for more than 30 years in textile industry in Como, manufacturing innovative products with high quality, using the best up-to-date printing technologies for the clothing, accessories and forniture.

We arespecialized in the ink jet printing, and thanks to its high and acquired experience, our company ensures quality, customer service, cheapness, flexibility, speed, discretion and privacy to its customers.

Our aim is to comply with our clients in everything, from graphic designs and colour selection  of drawing to elaboration of drawings in different colors and to the printing on fabric of a drawing. We can ensure to our customers  personalized service, according to the request of each customer.

Our main strength is the creation of a company in plumb-line: from the elaboration, the develpment and the realization of variants, to the preparation, the steaming and the washing.

For this reason, we decided to deal with the  various steps of the processing, directly. In this way, each customer could call on us for all steps of production.

We are able to plan all essential operations, internally, from the elaborarion of designs to the colour selections of drawing in different colors and to the preparation, to the printing on fabric of a drawing. In this way our customer receives a printed fabric ready to be used for further processing.

Thanks to the check of the whole processing, we are able to be speed, ensuring to our customer the comfort of the whole service, as well as the  quality, the privacy and the discretion.


We have two main offices: one in Bulgarograsso and one in Olgiate Comasco.

In our headquerter, in Via Pirandello 3 Bulgarograsso (Co), you will find to welcome a fw original murales, done by local young artists. Upstairs, there are there are our account department, the style office and warehouse; ate the ground floor, there is the prudction department (The prepraration and ink jet machines).

In Olgiate Comasco, in via Torino 15, there is the steaming and washing processes. This company has a constant link with the main company in Bulgarograsso to manage all orders.

When the printed fabrics are washed, our driver brings them to the main company to be delivered to customers, after being checked.