The flexibility of printing allows us to print in almost fabric.

Each fabric is different from any point of view, from the point of view of color. For this reasons it is necessary to realize samples before the production. Once customer approves the colors and the quality of the samples, we proceed with the production.

Digital printing gives amazing effects, comparable to those of traditional printing.

The only fabric that we cannot print digitally is polyester, in which you use the transfer printing.

Printing takes place in two different ways, based on the fabric to be treated: with acid or reactive dye.


The acid dyes for wool, cashmere, silk, lycra, nylon, polyamide.


While the reactive dyes are used for linen, cotton, viscose, moldal, velvet, jersey, denim. The reactive dyes are used for all the cellulosic fibers, that is for the “vegetable” fabrics, such as linen, cotton, hemp, viscose, but also for the modal, velvet, cotton jersey.

We are able to print almost Fabrics.