Frequently asked questions and answers

Our company prints almost fabric such as cotton, silk, wool, cashemere, jersey etc… We try to ensure quality from the first meter of the printing. We cannot print on polyester.

The customer gives us the fabric that we prepare. The fabric has to be “ready to print”, that is not unrefined but handle for the printing.

We could recommend to customer suppliers of the fabric, if you require.

We need 300 dpi, as minimum of resolution. The file could be in TIF, PDF o PSD.

We have our designs that can realize a new design for the customers, starting from an idea or an images.

In addition, we have our archive of designs that you could see and use, making also changes. Our designs could be also purchased, getting the exclusivity of the choosen design.

Si, è possibile consultare il nostro archivio e acquistare i disegni in esso presenti per acquisirne l’esclusività.

The sampling is the first meters of each new designs and new fabric. It is necessary to check the quality of printing. It is important because the colors are different according to the fabric you will use and they are different from the colors you see on the computer.


Yes, we print also for the furnishing.

Yes, we do.  The customer has to be report that the fabric is optical white because it is necessary a particoular washing.


We use water colors.

We follow the reach rules. Our preparation has not any substances, inserted in the “substances of very high concern”(svhc).

Certamente, per questo mettiamo a disposizione dei clienti il nostro magazzino.

Consigliamo comunque di preparare subito tutto il tessuto in modo che sia pronto per l’utilizzo in caso di nuove stampe, con notevole risparmio di tempo.
La preparazione viene sempre fatturata a parte, perché i metraggi possono essere diversi da quelli della stampa.

You have to require the price list to our company, directly. You have to specify if it is for clothing or for accessories, which fabric you want to print and how many meters.


Yes, we do. We work both for Europe and America.

We have not got our courier. Usually, the customer gives us his code of shipping.


The delivery date changes according to the quantity, required by customer. We try to speed the delivery date for the sampling.