The technology of digital ink-jet printing on fabric works by exploiting a system conceptually very similar to the system used for the digital printer for inkjet paper.

It is a method to put, at any points of the fabrics, the exact amounts of liquid inks, that allows to reproduce the designs and colors contained in an electronic file.

The quality of digital printing is very high, and moreover this technique allows a flexibility and a speed unthinkable with other printing methods.

Our company has 7 ink jet machine. 2 reactive and 5 acid. Our production is about 1500 linear metres per day.

In 2019, the old ink jet machine was substituted from a new and avantguard model, more rapid and precise, that allow us to print about 60 metres per hour.

The digital printing allow us to print in almost fabric for clothing, accessories, forniture. We cannot print only on polyester where it is necessary to use trasfer printing.

We are able to realize foulards, scarves with a good passages on the back, better than the traditional printing. Furthermore, we are able to realize a double printing, where you can have two different designs, one in front and one on the back.

There are various advantage using the ink jet printing:

  • The loyalty to reproduce any designs on the fabric.
  • The Precision and the sharpness even in the shadeof light colors
  • More flexibility
  • Chepear than traditional printing
  • Less energy consumption and less use of water.